Welding and Cutting Equipment

In the modern metalworking and plastics industries, welding is considered a manufacturing or engraving process used to heat metals or thermoplastics with higher temperatures. It uses melting boundary or contact surfaces to connect two materials together. In further applications, the raw materials are limited to specific mold sizes and can be used to make longer materials. The welding process is different from low-temperature metal welding processes such as brazing and soldering, because neither method melts the base metal.

In addition to melting the base metal, it is also possible to add filler material to the joint to form a molten pool, or welding pool. The molten pool cools to form a joint. It is also necessary to consider the pressure and protect the filler metal from contamination or oxidation during the welding process.
The automatic welding machine is a welding machine controlled by programmed controller, used to perform the welding process, and does not need to manually perform certain specific operations.


Grating welding machine

Grating welding machine is one of the main export products of Taiwan welding machine manufacturer. There are some well-known Taiwan suppliers who are highly rated for producing high-performance and accurate welding quality grating welding machine, including gt models and ft models. These two models are designed for industrial applications with different uses and specifications. For example, the rigid frame and three-phase inverter DC current output solutions in the models, which can save 70% energy consumption compared to regular single-phase AC motors.


Laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machines are metal processing machines that use laser technology to cut metal materials and are commonly used in industrial manufacturing applications. Currently, schools, small businesses and some amateurs also use it. Laser cutting machines use optics to guide the high-power lasers output and perform cutting. Laser optics and CNC systems are used to guide material or laser beam generation. Commercial lasers are usually equipped with a motion control system to cooperate with CNC system to cut the workpiece into a specific pattern.


Flash butt welding machine

In the field of welding, the flash butt welding machine is an electrical resistance welding process designed on the welding machine. The welding machine is used to connect spare parts, wherein the energy transfer is mainly provided by the resistance heat of the spare part itself. The parts are positioned end to end across the full joint area. The machine can joint various cross-sectional sizes and complex shapes. During the welding process, the components are clamped and voltage is slowly applied. Although this process can be done manually, most welding machines today are automated.


Spot welding machine

In the process of resistance spot welding, the points on the sheet metal surfaces are combined by the heat generated by the resistance to the current. Therefore, it is considered to be a subset of electric resistance welding. During this process, the workpieces are clamped together under the pressure applied by the electrodes. The thickness of the sheets is usually between 0.5 and 3 mm.


Projection welding machine

In the welding field, the projection welding machine is an improvement of the spot welding machine. During projection welding, the welding seam is positioned on one or two workpieces to be connected by projection welding. The heat will be concentrated on the protrusions, so heavier welds can be welded. The protrusion can also be used as workpiece positioning. Projection welding is usually used to weld studs, nuts and other threaded mechanical parts to metal plates.


Seam welding machine

The resistance seam welding machine is type of welding machine that will weld at the junction of two similar metals during the resistance seam welding process. The seam may be a butt, and is an automated process. It differs from flash welding in that flash welding welds the entire joint at once, while seam welding gradually forms a complete weld from one end.



Among welding and cutting equipments, the leader in this category is laser technology, which can help metal processing (especially cutting) by using lasers instead of physical tools that wear out after use to reduce the total cycle time. At the same time, due to the development of various welding technology, welding technology has been extended to many different practical welding methods. These efforts will eventually broaden the field, and in the future, welding and laser cutting will be smoother, more convenient and more flexible.

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Welding and Cutting Equipment


Welding and Cutting Equipment

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Welding and Cutting Equipment

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